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Off the Beaten Path: Great Hill

A short, steep, rewarding hike with views over the Connecticut River and Great Hill Pond.

Off the Beaten Path: Wilcox Conservation Area

A beautiful, easy walk through white and red pine plantation, carpeted with fern in the summer.

Featured Rare Bird of the CT River: American Oystercatcher

A breeding resident of CT that hasn’t recovered from shorebird hunting.

Off the Beaten Path: Bear Hill Loop

A summer favorite with mountain laurel blooming in early June and blueberry bushes later on.

Featured Rare Bird of the CT River: Least Tern

Only about a dozen breeding sites exist in state, with one of the reliable locations being the CT River estuary.

Nature’s Supermarket: Wood Nettle & Stinging Nettle

Edible Nettle! Learn how to differentiate these two plants – both edible and nutritious.

Off the Beaten Path: Palmer Taylor Preserve

An easy stroll through gardens and woodlands, you won’t want to miss the springtime flowers on the Palmer Trail.

Featured Rare Bird of the CT River: Piping Plover

Watch out for breeding areas in the CT River estuary, there may be Piping Plover eggs on the shore!

Nature’s Supermarket: Garlic Mustard

How to identify this edible, invasive plant plus how to make Garlic Mustard Pesto.

Off the Beaten Path: Seven Falls from Aircraft Road

A loop hike to Seven Falls that avoids the most used parking area and takes you over beautiful, rugged terrain along the way. Plus you’ll gain expert status at reading trail blazes.

6 Ways to Help from Home this Earth Day

You can still make a change for the better while staying safe, staying home. Try one of these tips.

Featured Rare Bird of the CT River: American Bittern

Learn about rare bird species living in the lower CT River valley and how and where to spot the secretive American Bittern.

Off the Beaten Path: Bear Rock & Millers Pond

Hike to Millers Pond from a secluded trailhead while enjoying views from Bear Rock, mountain laurel groves, cliffs, and a variety of forest ecosystems along the way.

12 Alternatives To Unrecyclable Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper is not recyclable in Connecticut – not even if it’s made from recycled paper. Here’s what to do instead of unrecyclable wrapping paper.

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