Annual Rockfall Symposia

Rockfall Symposia

Since 1986 The Rockfall Foundation has sponsored symposia on topics relating to balancing development and environmental conservation. Speakers and panelists represent nonprofits, town government commissions and agencies, universities and colleges, and state and local leadership.

Rockfall Symposia seek to:

  • help identify and explore emerging issues related to environmental sustainability and growth
  • inspire dialogue and creative collaboration among attendees
  • present options and strategies for developing and implementing effective policies.

Past topics have focused on open-space land management, development and protection of greenways, local food security, smart growth and sustainable communities, preserving regional character, effective planning, transportation, and green building.

Past Symposia

2019 Symposium: Site Design and Green Infrastructure for Changing Weather Patterns
Download the 2019 program
Presentation PowerPoint files:
Maintenance and Design for Vector Control/Or: Mosquitoes and Their Control 101 by Roger Wolfe
Soil-Based Wastewater Treatment and the Challenges of Climate Change by Jose Amadaor
Green Infrastructure Isn’t Just for Stormwater Management by Sohyun Park

2018 Symposium: Site Development Considerations for Changing Weather Patterns
Download the 2018 Brochure
Presentation PowerPoint files:
David Dickson’s Introduction on Low Impact Development
Michael Dietz’s presentation on Jordan’s Cove
Giovanni Zinn’s presentation on Municipal Stormwater Management
Michael Dietz’s presentation on The UConn Experience
David Sousa’s presentation on National Case Studies

2017 Symposium: Water – Too Much or Not Enough? From Rain Bombs to Drought
Download the 2017 presentations.
Download the 2017 brochure.

2016 Symposium: Our Changing Climate – Its Impacts on the Economy and the Way We Live
Download the 2016 presentations.
Download the 2016 brochure. 

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