Fostering Future Stewards will provide multi-year grants for pre-k through eighth grade environmental education, allowing educators to continue programs that introduce and sustain environmental literacy.


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For the last 45 years, the Rockfall Foundation’s grant making has supported and promoted outstanding environmental programs delivered by non-profit organizations, schools, and municipalities throughout the Lower Connecticut River Valley. The first grants awarded in 1972 provided a total of $5,000 to support four planting projects in Essex, Old Saybrook, and Chester. Since then, the generosity of our Members has helped us to fund 350 programs with awards totaling nearly half a million dollars. We are proud of the fact that much of the support provided has been leveraged by grantees to secure other funding and maintain important programs.

To honor this important milestone, the Rockfall Foundation is undertaking a special campaign to raise $45,000 over two years for the Fostering Future Stewards fund. Donations to the fund will be used to provide multi-year grants to schools for kindergarten through 8th grade environmental education programs in the Lower Connecticut River Valley. Consecutive years of funding will allow educators to continue programs that introduce and sustain environmental literacy and the continuity of those programs will greatly benefit students.

As we began discussing the need to sustain local environmental programming, two of the Foundation’s most ardent supporters stepped forward with a pledge of $5,000 toward the campaign. We are grateful to Peter and Elsie Patton (pictured, l to r, with Marilyn Ozols and Robin Andreoli) for inspiring others through their passion for this cause and their generous gift. With additional support from our Board of Directors and staff, we have already achieved 25% of our goal!

Taking the time to reflect on and celebrate the achievements of our grantees was reenergizing and our commitment to environmental education has never been greater. We invite individuals and businesses to join with us to strengthen our common interest in developing the next generation of environmental stewards.

Your gift will directly support the Fostering Future Stewards initiative, providing local environmental literacy programs that take place during school time, after school and in the summer. We hope to fund 10 programs over three years to ensure a continuum of environmental education for K through 8th  grade students.

$1,500 can sustain a school program for an entire year
$750 provides for a semester of programming
$150 will fund a month of programming

You can increase your contribution by making a pledge now  and spread payments of your gift over time–up to three years.  A gift of any amount is greatly appreciated and will have a lasting, positive impact in our community!

Please consider a gift to the Fostering Future Stewards fund today!
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