Annual Environmental Awards

Each year the foundation honors individuals and groups to highlight their contributions to the region. The Distinguished Service Award is given for outstanding life-long accomplishments in the area of natural resource preservation, conservation or development. Certificates of Appreciation are awarded to recognize significant environmental programs and projects. Nominations are typically due mid-September and the awardees are honored at the Annual Meeting in November.

The focus areas include:

Preservation: work to protect ecosystems, species, and other irreplaceable elements of the world’s natural heritage.
Conservation: work to minimize our use of finite natural resources and our negative impacts on ecosystems and communities.
Restoration: work to re-establish the healthy functions of an ecosystem or parts of ecosystems.
Education: work to foster a stronger awareness and understanding of environmental and sustainability issues.

Past recipients:
2016: Distinguished Service Award – Thomas ODell; Certificates of Appreciation – Connecticut Water Company; Connecticut River Expeditions/RiverQuest
2015: Distinguished Service Award – Sue Merrow; Certificates of Appreciation – Common Goods Garden; Food for All Garden; Long Lane Farm
2015: In honor of Rockfall Foundation’s 80th Year – David Bingham, Eric Hammerling, Amy Blaymore Paterson
2014: Distinguished Service Award – Alliance for Sound area Planning (ASaP); Certificates of Appreciation – Jim and Sara Keaney, Suellen McCuin, Belinda Murano
2013: Distinguished Service Award – Marcie Klattenburg; Certificate of Appreciation – Chris Zurcher
2011: Distinguished Service Award – Karl Wagner; Certificates of Appreciation – Margo Burns, Ken Kruse

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