Geo SubSea Part 1: Who We Are & What We Do

Contributed by:

Jeff Gardner – President, Marine Geologist & Oceanographer
Elizabeth Spielman – Administrator & Associate Scientist, Geologist in Training

We are very excited to be participating in the Rockfall Foundation blog postings, as we enjoy sharing our experiences and giving back to the community. We really look forward to post-COVID times when we can meet many of you in person at future Rockfall events such as “Meet Your Greens”, silent auction fundraisers, and other programs.

This first post is to introduce you to our company, Geo SubSea LLC, and the type of work we do, how it might influence our lives in CT, and some of the interesting topics we plan on discussing in future blogs to keep you coming back for more!

Company Background:

Geo SubSea was formed in 2015 to support the offshore survey industry as a whole, but particularly the offshore wind industry which Jeff has been involved in since its inception in the US. There are currently 5 wind turbines south of Block Island in state waters and 2 offshore Virginia Beach in federal waters, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. There will be hundreds off the east coast in the next 5-10 years. This is very exciting to us as we are passionate about renewable energy and the part we are playing to get the offshore wind industry off the ground and help solve an important issue in society (energy). Our company is comprised of marine scientists with expertise in different fields such as marine geology, geophysics, oceanography, benthic and fisheries biology, environmental science, and marine mammal and wildlife biology, all to complement the offshore industry and our client’s needs.

Surveys and Equipment:

Our company background and staff experience is primarily in marine surveying and mapping coastal areas around the world. Much of the work is done with sonar systems using different frequencies of sound. These geophysical systems include seafloor mapping using sonars (multibeam echosounders and side scan sonars) and subsurface mapping seismic systems (subbottom profilers, seismic reflection systems) that can penetrate hundreds of feet below the bottom. We search for shipwrecks and investigate sediment layer thickness and depth to bedrock below the seafloor. The survey data and results we achieve support offshore engineering projects ranging from coastal dredging of navigable waterways to submarine cable installation to wind turbine construction and many more.

Current Projects:

Today Geo SubSea primarily supervises and manages these surveys for the wind developers and helps out in the field occasionally. We are involved in wind projects being planned and permitted from South Carolina to Maine, in an industry that is about to explode and provide thousands of new jobs and a boost to local economies on the east coast. One of the projects we are closely involved in is Park City Wind, which will bring electricity to the Connecticut power grid from a Vineyard Wind lease area south of Martha’s Vineyard. Park City Wind will be staging equipment and support at a new waterfront facility to be built in Bridgeport. More on this project in future posts!

To see some of the projects we are involved in, get to know our staff, and read recent industry news, visit our company website by clicking here.

Liz and I, along with our staff, will be contributing blog posts over the remainder of 2021 and hope to keep you interested in coming back to read more. Some of the topics we hope to cover in future blogs include; offshore surveying and equipment, using geophysics to find shipwrecks, offshore wind history and the Park City Wind project, man-made acoustic noise in the oceans and how it impacts protected species, and local marine archaeological preserves you can visit in central Connecticut. We have a boat load of ideas to present to you! 😉

Jeff Gardner – President of Geo SubSea, LLC – Marine Geologist & Oceanographer with Liz Spielman – Administrator & Associate Scientist, Geologist in Training.

Once the pandemic has subsided, please come visit our office and say hello anytime. We are located at 437 Main Street on the Second Floor above the Esca Wine Bar restaurant. We love the location in Middletown and access to all the shops and restaurants. Hopefully business will pick up for everyone as the pandemic winds down and the community will recover and thrive again.

Stay safe and healthy until our next post,

Jeff and Liz

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